Imme Vogel

Product designer.
Interior architect. Visionary.

Passion and perfection

von rauten inspired, von simple elegance, von timeless chic. Driven by passion and perfection. Regional and handcrafted high-quality leather. von magical attraction and von limited edition. All of a sudden, your sig- nature piece from which you won’t want to separate any more.

von rauten is a young brand for incomparable designer bags and purses made of high-quality genuine leather. The trademark of the design collection: the hand-embossed surfaces with 3D-diamond structure. Thereby, the diamonds are trademark, brand identity and signature at once. von rauten is a brand with nooks and edges, self-confident, non-adapted, and with a mind of its own.

The bags with the unique 3-dimensional surface are made of natural high-quality genuine leather, hand- crafted in Germany. The smart structure lets the light throw different shadows from different angles and makes our von rauten bags so multifaceted – and all that without any disrupting seam. The collection is strictly limited and available on the internal Online Shop.

Inspired by geometrical shapes and driven by the simplicity of minimalism the idea of a completely new surface processing of genuine leather changed the life of Imme Vogel.

Product designer. Interior architect. Visionary.

von rauten is her new multiple award-winning label for exclusive leather goods in limited edition. For her first bag, the Bowling Bag named Tokyo, she received the renowned Red Dot Award in 2017 followed by the German Design Award in 2018.